“Criminally Bad Taste”

Robust, unknown Scottish lad uploads a Nazi-pet-trick video in ghastly bad taste to his unknown YouTube channel as a birthday joke to his girlfriend. Next thing he knows it’s gone …

“Off the Spectrum”

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr talks about the FCC, the Internet, the politics, and practicalities of regulating censorship on social media.

“Drilling Down”

Paul Gosar, DDS, the most conservative member of Congress, wants to do root canal on what’s rotten in American politics. You might feel some slight discomfort.

“The Cure for What’s Ilya”

Sardonic, original and usually right is a hard way to go through life, but it’s the only way Ilya Shapiro knows. Ron’s oldest social media friend talks about his experience …

“Holden Days”

Drew Holden’s polite but devastating Twitter threads documenting the serial bleats of the corporate media herd have made him a hugely influentual figure in media reporting in a few short …

“The Law and the Woke”

David Lat is one of the pioneers of social media for and about the legal profession. He explains why he’s cautiously optimistic that the courts and the bar can weather …

“Drawing Back the Curtain”

Matt Palumbo took a hard look at the George Soros story to write his book, “The Man Behind the Curtain.” What he saw in the light of day isn’t pretty.

“Late Republic Conscience”

National security wiz Dave Reaboi loves jazz, bodybuilding, Twitter and getting America to pay attention to why it’s in decline. Three out of four isn’t bad.

“Insurrection, But Legal”

Lawyer and law professor William Jacobson fights the good and lonely fight in the chilly – in more ways than one – air of Ithaca. Luckily the creator and spirit …